I’m a graphic designer, website builder, DJ, and visionary …

Graphic Design

From logo design, to poster design, creating visuals has been a passion of mine since the 3rd grade. Sure, back then it was stick figures and gigantic sun discs, but I’ve been practicing and I promise I’m good. I swear! Seriously, you can ask my mom. Check out some of my designs.


I started coding websites by hand back in the late 90′s. Then I got smart and started using Dreamweaver. Then I actually got smart and now specialize in making Content Management Systems work the way you want them to. Check out some of my web work.

Photos & Video

This actually runs in my blood. We’re all photographers in the family. Real seers. I don’t mean hundred-dollar digicam photography either. Well sometimes I do, but even then, it’s all about the framing, the lighting, the eye. If all else fails, I’m awesome at Photoshop too! Check out some of my photos and videos.

DJ & Music

Another thing it seems I’ve been doing since forever: rocking the decks, making them groove on the one’s and two’s! This may not have anything to do with your project, but then again, doesn’t music have something to do with everything? Check out some of my mixes.